Feature Request

  • Raboo Treed

    Raboo Treed - 2004-02-01

    the stuff in bandwidthd.c should be in conf instead

    like so you can update the p2p, and it should be easy to add new services like Mail and so on..

    or maybe the developers should update the p2p and add more stuff (mail is important ports 25, 993,995, 110, 143).

    • HellraiZer

      HellraiZer - 2004-02-08

      this should be posted @ the feature request section, NOT the forum

    • web-flyer

      web-flyer - 2006-01-02

      Can you add splitting local traffic from internet traffic?

      I have internet coonection through LAN and
      Local traffic Peaks is so bigger, than internet graph.

      (split by IP mask or subnet)

      And add option for change units - kilobits per second and kilobytes per second =)


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