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ballrace-manager-0.3-1 released

The ballrace-manager now can handle multiple hosts. So you can create hosts,
and for each host you can select services you want to manage there.
As this was a relative big redesign and refactoring, the changes are only reflected
by the admin interface, there are no new interfaces implemented.

Posted by martin grotzke 2003-12-14

ballrace-manager-0.2-2 released

version 0.2-2 of the ballrace-manager is out.
it's mainly a bugfix release, with some additions like the possibility of logging off.
for details see the paragraph "Changes" on

the demo has now moved to
with unchanged credentials:
username: admin
password: admindemo

try it, and please submit bugs at read more

Posted by martin grotzke 2003-11-02

ballrace-manager-0.2 released

the ballrace-manger now has an administration interface.
There you can manage services, resellers and userdata of the admin.
if you want to have a look without installing the webapplication you can take your browser to
and use the following credentials:
user: admin
pwd: admindemo

it would be cool if you'd submit any bug or rfe: read more

Posted by martin grotzke 2003-10-26

Introducing the ballrace-manager-0.1

The first release of the ballrace manager. It's a war-file which you simply can drop into your webapps directory and do the rest in your browser (you should have sslified your tomcat for this).

Please note: This version version of the ballrace-manager only has implemented the setup procedure.
It's released only for the purpose of testing and finding bugs.
If you want to do this, it would be very kind if you could let me know
of any problems or bugs, or even if you'd suggest enhancements concerning
the documentation or any other things.
Please send this to or to the developers
mailing list read more

Posted by martin grotzke 2003-10-17

First and early file release: configserver-0.1-1

The first release of version 0.1 of the configserver is out.
Check the files, the release notes give you some more information...

Posted by martin grotzke 2003-08-26