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Balder2d 1.0-rc1 released

I'm pretty much calling this done, but leaving it out there as rc1 for any final bugfixes etc.

Added a few little thnigs like more decoration to make it easier to see which way probes are aiming, an export script for creating levels with the gimp, and other things.

Posted by Bjorn Hansen 2006-10-16

Balder2d version 0.9 released

Balder2D is a 2d shooter in zero gravity.

version 0.9 marks a major milestone for the project in that most of the desired features are finished, including the latest addition of an AI scripting system which allows people to play by themselves. There are many other improvements in this release as well.

The remaining tasks for the 1.0 release are mostly bugfixes and adding more ploish, as well as better packaging.

Posted by Bjorn Hansen 2006-03-24

We're mostly set up

At least we've got a homepage, mailing lists, CVS, most of the good stuff is set up. Still need help working on the actual game though.

Posted by Bjorn Hansen 2002-03-30

Site Opening

Hi all,
I just got this project approved so I haven't had time to fill out details and whatnot. Check back later and there should be more details, maybe a homepage with a couple of screenshots (though they aren't that exciting yet). If anyone is interested in helping out they're welcome to.

Posted by Bjorn Hansen 2002-03-26