I assumed this could be, but even running it from the scheduler remains the same mistake. Anyway I think the error is the plugin, because when run the job with this FileSet

FileSet {
  Name = "Exchange"
  Enable VSS = yes
  Include {
  Options {
      signature = MD5
    Plugin = "exchange:/@EXCHANGE/Microsoft Information Store"

I have this error:

Command plugin "exchange:/@EXCHANGE/Microsoft Information Store" requested, but is not loaded.

Still I will consider your recommendation and always run from the scheduler and so I make sure I do not have that problem.


2012/2/13 James Harper <james.harper@bendigoit.com.au>
> And I have this error "ssmadcaexc03-fd Fatal error: HrESEBackupSetup failed
> with error 0xc8000230 - Exchange reports that no previous full backup has
> been done."

This message suggests that you are trying to do an incremental or differential backup without having first done a full backup. Your posted config shows that the job is Full, but maybe your schedule is overriding it?