I put Volume Use Duration = 36 months,
but always having sometimes :

Error: block.c:590 Write error at 88:2499 on device "OVL_LTO-3_Drive-2" (/dev/st0). ERR=Erreur d'entrée/sortie.
Error: Error writing final EOF to tape. This Volume may not be readable.
dev.c:1566 ioctl MTWEOF error on "OVL_LTO-3_Drive-2" (/dev/st0). ERR=Erreur d'entrée/sortie.



Pool {
  Name = Pool_gromel_LTO
  Use Volume Once = no
  Pool Type = Backup
  Recycle = yes                     
  AutoPrune = yes                  
  Maximum Volumes = 1000              
  LabelFormat = "Vol_gromel_"
  VolumeRetention = 36 months        
  Volume Use Duration = 36 months

Le 19/11/2012 15:55, Alan Brown a écrit :
On 19/11/12 15:46, Jacky Carimalo wrote:

update Volume={name} VolStatus=append

but it then marked the volume Used, and not enabled for backup on it
again, keeping its first data.
Bacula has decided the volume has been open too long.

This is set with Volume Use Duration and has no default.

It is easier to use a new tape than to mess around with tape settings on 
a live system.

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