Hi people.
   I have running bacula 1.38.5 with mysql 5.019 on freebsd 5.4-p10.
   I install freebsd 6.1 and bacula 1.38.9 from ports on another hard drive same machine,  my tape pass all the test process(backup and restores from tape), everything is going great, my doubt is with mysql, to transfer my database of my current system ( bacula1.38.5+mysql 5.019) to my new system(bacula 1.38.9+mysql 5.021) i just need to get bacula.sql and send to my new system...? I read the manual but still dont understand how handle this little process.
   Because from mysql 5.019 to mysql 5.021 is not big difference just some bugs there.
   Current system:
FreeBSD 5.4-p10
Mysql 5.019
Bacula 1.38.5
   New System:
FreeBSD 6.1
Mysql 5.021
Bacula 1.38.9
   Hope some could show the way, i will apreciated, thanks all for your time.