Ashok Mehere - 2011-11-01

Hi all

I am new to Bacula and very limited knowledge to T50 Tape library.

We have customer with the setup that has been switched OFF for 2 years !
The new admin guy has no idea or has any documentation on the backup setup hence very limited information.
From what I gathered during my visit I have mentioned below :

Setup :
Server : Sunfire X4200
OS : Ubuntu 4.4.3-4ubuntu5
Tape library : Spectralogic T50 (SCSI)
Tape used : LTO3
Backup/restore software : Bacula 3.x and 5.0.1

What I tried :
- I did the btape test using v 5.x and it worked well without any problem
- I tried using bconsole but later realized as there are no config files it will not work !!
- I  have no idea how to configure bacula for tape drive…..can anyone help me or have step-by-step instruction doc?
- Stopped all the bacula services and tried with mt –f /dev/st0 status…….it shows online
- Later used dd command but did not work. Its shows as no partition found, 0 blks !
My questions :
- Can data backup done in ver 3.xx be restored with ver 5.0.1?
- There are no available config files that were used to do backup on tapes. How do I create the config files to restore data from tapes?? Is there any other way to restore data? I tried dd command but did not work. Its shows as 0 blocks, 0 partitions…. (have attached all the log & config files)
- How do we recover/restore data from the tapes using bacula version 5.0.1?
- Can I use another software to restore data that is backup using bacula?? What is recommended??

Let me know if you need more information

Much appreciate all the assistance and help extend by all.

Thank you