Doesn't Work

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'll try your programm, on my bacnet network, and it doesn't work,
    all device on my network is PX device from Siemens

    • meh

      meh - 2009-08-08

      Can you be a little more specific...

      Did you get an error

      Are your devices IP, ARCnet, MSTP ... what kind of devices do you have.

      Have you tried WireShark or something to capture packets to see what part is not working..?

      If using Windows XP have you turned off the Windows Firewall...

      More details might help


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Hi, this is Ed.

        I wrote the program. I am quite happy to help, but I need some more details, firstly, have you tried a packet capture using Wireshark?

        Instructions for using this for viewing BACnet messages can be found here:

        Also, how many Ethernet adapters does you machine have? You can try disabling the 'unused' adapters for a test and see if this makes a difference.

        First prize would be to capture the BACnet stream using Wireshark, emailing this to me and then I can take a look at the issue.



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