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BACnet4Linux creates developer mailing list

BACnet4Linux, a project that is developing a complete implementation of the BACnet protocol for use by anyone who wishes to give their products BACnet communication capability on Linux, has created a developers mailing list for developers to communcate with each other about ongoing development of BACnet4Linux.

Subscriptions to the developer mailing list can be made here: read more

Posted by Steve Karg 2004-06-10

BACnet4Linux license changed from GPL to LGPL

Due to numerous valid inquiries and because we feel it is the right thing to do, we have changed the licensing for BACnet4Linux code from GPL to LGPL, with the exception of the keylist library and MS/TP module, which are under GPL+exception (embedded software friendly license, like the eCos project).

We hope this change enables others with userspace applications that are currently closed-source products - mostly because of NDAs for some of the already implemented communication protocols - to be able to use this codebase. Note that adding BACnet4Linux software to your proprietary code will problably require some architecture changes to the current BACnet4Linux codebase (v0.3.2) - but these kind of changes should be for the better (and are welcome).

Posted by Steve Karg 2004-03-24

CVS for this project is now online!

Today I did a CVS import of the files. I made 2 modules: stable and bacnet. Both contain the same stuff today. I expect that development will take place on the bacnet module, and stable builds will happen out of stable. Or we could just delete stable (but I didn't know how).

Posted by Steve Karg 2003-03-02