Write Multiple Property Of Device

  • Shahid Pathan

    Shahid Pathan - 2011-12-08

    I am working on application which use BACnet4j library to communicate with devices. In our development environment we are using VTS simulator. 

    I have written a code which send request to write single property (ex:- object_name) of object of device (let say Analog Input) which execute successfully.. For that I used WritePropertyRequest API of BACnet4j library.

    But when tried to write multiple property of same object, I am getting error Reject(originalInvokeId=7, rejectReason=9)
    For the above operation I am using WritePropertyMultipleRequest API of BACnet4j library.
    Please help me!!!

  • Matthew Lohbihler

    A reject reason 9 is "unrecognizedService". Is your peer configured to understand a WritePropertyMultipleRequest?

  • Shahid Pathan

    Shahid Pathan - 2011-12-09

    Thanks. Could you please explain me little more or how do i configure peer to understand a WritePropertyMultipleReques

  • Matthew Lohbihler

    Sorry, no. You'll need to talk to the developers of the peer software.

  • Matthew Lohbihler

    BACnet4J supports both RPM and WPM. If it suits your purposes to use it for both client and server, it should work. Also, you could use BACnet4J as the server, and VTS as the client since they say that VTS can send RPM and WPM.


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