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At the moment I am busy documenting the current features. That is, I am documenting the code. This will facilitate the documenting of the scripting bizzo though so it will be of benefit to the users in the medium term.

Also it will facilitate the change-over to a new GUI for the full scripting features.

Thanks for using BackupProggie!


Posted by Sconus 2007-07-27

Saving Settings

Hi All,

You can now save your previous settings!

When you run the new version for the first time and close the program it will create a BPSettings.xml file with the copy settings inside it. I won't bother documenting the XML template for this until I have set up the "multiple directory copy" feature.

For those who want to get fancy, you can run the program from a command line with a different settings file as the argument. That is:... read more

Posted by Sconus 2007-07-20

Added reporting feature

Hi All,

I have updated the reporting feature and now it is a bit more readable. I have split the reports into daily, and numbered by operation, with a single application report.

I have also fixed a couple of bugs to do with the log windows, and a bug which caused the destination directory (on the root of a hard disk) to have the first letter truncated.


Posted by Sconus 2006-11-22

Feature additions

I have been working away in the background on all sorts of invisible additions to the Proggie. Most notable will be the inclusion of a report logger from another project of mine that will allow for more descriptive logs... I shall leave it at that for the time being. You'll know what I mean when it is fully functional.

I am hoping that it may even be tomorrow!

Stay totally excellent ;)

Posted by Sconus 2006-10-04

Working on bug fixes

Hi - I released this program a couple of weeks ago and people have been downloading it (great!) but no-one has submitted any bug-fix or feature requests, or comments. In the meantime I am working on a better logging system as there have been some reports of weird file-count discrepancies... Stay posted for more news.

Scott (aka Sconus).

Posted by Sconus 2006-06-14

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