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BackupPC 2.0.2 released

Version 2.0.2 of BackupPC is available at
BackupPC is a perl-based high-performance, enterprise-grade system for
backing up Linux, WinXX PCs, and laptops to a server's disk using SMB,
tar or rsync. Features include clever pooling of identical files,
no client-side software, and a powerful Apache/CGI user interface.

BackupPC 2.0.2 fixes a last-minute bug in 2.0.1. The cumulative
changes since 2.0.0 are:

* Support for >= 4GB files with SMB and tar.

* Support for samba/smbclient 3.0.0.

* Correct error handling for locked files under SMB.

* Correct handling of $Conf{HardLinkMax}.

* Handling of additional smbclient error messages.

* A full backup that has no files dumped is now considered failed.

See the ChangeLog for a complete list of changes.

Craig Barratt

Posted by Craig Barratt 2003-10-08

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