In my config file of host I got these lines:

$Conf{TarShareName} = '/home/e-smith/files/users';

#    $Conf{BackupFilesExclude} = '/temp';
#    $Conf{BackupFilesExclude} = ['/temp'];     # same as first example
#    $Conf{BackupFilesExclude} = ['/temp', '/winnt/tmp'];
#    $Conf{BackupFilesExclude} = {
#       'c' => ['/temp', '/winnt/tmp'],         # these are for 'c' share
#       'd' => ['/junk', '/dont_back_this_up'], # these are for 'd' share
#    };
$Conf{BackupFilesExclude} = '/home/e-smith/files/users/user1/home';

$Conf{XferMethod} = 'tar';

$Conf{TarClientCmd} = '/usr/bin/sudo'
                    . ' $tarPath -c -v -f - -C $shareName'
                    . ' --totals';

I want to backup my '/home/e-smith/files/users' directory, BUT I want to exclude the Home Directory's
in the backup of all the users, is this possible?
The line I use now doesn't work, in my backup the Home Directory of user1 is still in the backup.

Can someone tell me what I have to use in my config file(s) to backup:


and exclude the Home Directory's of all the users:


or at least one of my users, like so: