Dennis Blewett <> wrote on 02/24/2011 04:41:00 PM:

> @ Tim
> I did *briefly* search before making this email thread. As I found
> it similar to looking for the right kind of pants in a clothing
> store, I made the thread with particular keywords with the hope that
> Google would extract this email rather than the others don't don't
> so *briefly* get to the point. As such, if you had known of a decent
> one that could have been found on Google so easily, I'd appreciate the link.

Well, for starters:

One cool thing about Google:  while you type in your search request, it suggests commonly searched strings.  When I typed "backuppc offsite" (which was my first offhand thought), it suggested "backuppc offsite mirror" which has all *kinds* of very useful links.  Like this one (you guessed it, the VERY FIRST link):

Have fun!

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