I would like to have more informations about the deleting of backups.
I want to delete completly a full backup in order to do several tests about time of backuping by the level of compression for backups.
So the aim of my tests is to do a full backup for one directory (with differents files inside), several times to compare the time of backups taking account the level of compression.

I had several answers (and thank you for your help) and if I delete, the host via the webinterface and the tree of files and the file of configuration of the client (per-pc) on the server
and I configure again the host (completly), it doesn't work as I want. The files aren't saved the second time. It is associated ("fusion" in french) with the old file even if it was deleted.

I read that BackupPC_nightly must run to delete all links (if I understood correctly).
There is another means to delete the links because I don't want to wait the next day to do the next backup.

Is it clear ? ;)

Thanks a lot.



Carl Wilhelm Soderstrom <chrome@real-time.com>
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24/10/2007 14:05

Re: [BackupPC-users] How to delete a Backup

On 10/24 10:48 , romain.pichard@valeo.com wrote:
> Maybe this question was answered but I don't know how to delete a backup
> corectly.
> I don't try to do this manualy in deleting the folder with the number of
> the backup on my server (in /data/BackupPC/pc/...).*
> Is there a way to do this correctly ?

Holger was nice enough to write about this recently.

Basically, just delete the tree of files you want to remove, using rm -rf.
If you like, you can wait overnight for the BackupPC_nightly job to clean up
the hardlinks in the pool, or if you're impatient you can do what Holger

BackupPC_nightly and BackupPC_link must *not* run concurrently. Thus, you
should *not* run BackupPC_nightly outside the daemon. If you must, then run
it via the daemon, which will postpone it until no more BackupPC_link
processes are running, and likewise postpone further links until nightly has

       BackupPC_serverMesg BackupPC_nightly run
       BackupPC_serverMesg log Thank you, daemon. I appreciate your effort.

I suspect this will operate according to the $Conf{BackupPCNightlyPeriod}
setting in config.pl; so you should set "$Conf{BackupPCNightlyPeriod} = 1;"
if you don't want to run it twice.

Carl Soderstrom
Systems Administrator
Real-Time Enterprises

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