For your information, BackupPC work correctly with rsync and SMB on my Windows clients.
But now I would like just to know if it's possible to have a systray icon on the windows desktop (of my clients) to inform the user
that his laptop is backuping.

If it's possible, how do that ?

Thanks a lot.


"Vincent Fleuranceau" <vincent@bikoz.com>
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23/10/2007 09:10

Re: [BackupPC-devel] [BackupPC-users] Systray for BackupPC

> I would like to know if an option or an additional perl-module exists in
> order to have a systray icon (on Windows clients) to inform the user that his backup
> is working. If you have some informations about it, can let me know.


Since BackupPC does not run on the client (it just make use of an rsync or SMB
share), I'd say BackupPC itself is not concerned (but I might be wrong).

And I don't even know if there is a simple way to monitor rsync or a specific SMB
share  activity on Windows clients.

-- Vincent

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