"Jeffrey J. Kosowsky" <backuppc@kosowsky.org> wrote on 03/30/2011 04:11:05 PM:

> Wouldn't a better/more robust solution be to define the blackout
> period for that machine to exclude everything except for the weekend
> -- or everything but Friday night if you just want a single Friday
> night backup.
> Just use a host-specific config file

I do not believe that will work:  because unless something's changed in 3.2, you can't have separate blackout periods for incrementals and fulls.  Therefore, your incrementals won't run!  :)

That would actually be a somewhat nice feature, but it's really just a hack to allow people to force-schedule BackupPC.  You can achieve the same thing via cron jobs if you really really want to.  Except for archives, which aren't schedulable under BackupPC at *all* (grrr), I've found that simply letting BackupPC manage itself works fine.  It either self-adjusts (because it just runs out of time and a backup might be skipped for a day), or I manually adjust it by starting a full backup on a different day.

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