Timothy J Massey <tmassey@obscorp.com> wrote on 03/31/2011 10:03:58 AM:

> "Jeffrey J. Kosowsky" <backuppc@kosowsky.org> wrote on 03/30/2011 04:11:05 PM:
> > Wouldn't a better/more robust solution be to define the blackout
> > period for that machine to exclude everything except for the weekend
> > -- or everything but Friday night if you just want a single Friday
> > night backup.
> >
> > Just use a host-specific config file
> I do not believe that will work:  because unless something's changed
> in 3.2, you can't have separate blackout periods for incrementals
> and fulls.  Therefore, your incrementals won't run!  :)
> That would actually be a somewhat nice feature, but it's really just
> a hack to allow people to force-schedule BackupPC.  You can achieve
> the same thing via cron jobs if you really really want to.  Except
> for archives, which aren't schedulable under BackupPC at *all*
> (grrr), I've found that simply letting BackupPC manage itself works
> fine.  It either self-adjusts (because it just runs out of time and
> a backup might be skipped for a day), or I manually adjust it by
> starting a full backup on a different day.

Having thought about this more fully, having the ability to spread my fulls around within the framework of BackupPC would be useful. It would be handy to have my big (and time-consuming) server's fulls on the weekend only and let the smaller hosts figure out on their own when during the week to do the fulls.

So I guess I *am* asking for this as a feature:  a completely optional FullBlackoutPeriod that is logically OR'ed with the normal BlackoutPeriod.

I think that that, paired with a very tight BlackoutPeriod, would give *everyone* what they want:  an ability to have a very flexibly scheduled backup process (as it is now), as well as the "I want it to run exactly *then* and *only* then.

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