John Rouillard <> wrote on 09/17/2012 02:33:34 PM:

> I have another system that is lower power:
>   2632652.8 MB at 662.5 minutes or 66MB/s

That's 2.6TB in 11 hours.  That is perfectly acceptable for me.  And *way* better than I'm getting.

> the BackupPC system is a 4 core system with Dual-Core AMD Opteron(tm)
> Processor 2216 (2412.400 MHz).

So 2 CPU sockets, each of which is a dual-core processor?

> 16GB of memory with 4x1TB disks. Raid 5
> running 3ware raid card with BBU cache.

So a single block device presented to the OS?

> For the majority of the time
> that backup runs, there are only 3 or so other jobs runing at the same
> time.


What about checksum caching and compression?

Thank you *very* much for this information.  Your 24-core 48GB monster is just too far away from what I've got to be a useful comparison.  But this one, while quite a bit bigger, is at least *somewhat* comparable.  And you're getting four times the performance, which is what I would have estimated that my box was capable of doing, but is not.

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