Mark Maciolek <> wrote on 03/31/2011 10:19:56 AM:

> I have installed DeltaCopy on a Windows Server Enterprise on two
> different servers. On one it works just fine and using NMAP from another
> system I see port 873 as open.
> On the other server the service is running and I see rsync in the Task
> Manager process window but NMAP does not show port 873 as open. Even if
> I shut the firewall off on this server port 873 still does not show as open.
> Any clue on what to look for next?

I have seen this myself on Windows Server 2008 R2 (but with standard rsync, not packaged in DeltaCopy).  Are you starting it from Scheduled Tasks (or whatever it's called)?  I have found that when I run it from the command line, it works, but from Tasks it does not.  I suspect that it's some sort of UAC-style lack of permissions to talk to the network.

I have yet to resolve it on the server that is doing this:  for now, I'm simply running it from the command line and leaving the session logged in...

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