Tim Fletcher <tim@night-shade.org.uk> wrote on 09/17/2012 08:50:39 AM:

> You are being hit by disk io speeds, check you dont have atime
> turned on on the fs.

I agree that noatime is a net win for *very* little pain.  I found a system where I had not mounted the datastore noatime and swiched it.  In my case, while it made a difference, it wasn't monumental:

With atime:  769 minutes for 675677MB.
With noatime:  609 minutes for 648224MB.

So, a 21% improvement.  I'll take it, but it's not going to get my 3.5 day backups under 12 hours!  :)

> Also it's worth considering tar instead of
> rsync for this sort of work load.

I still have this on the (very) back burner.  It's a Windows system, so I'm looking at SMB, and I *hate* backups over SMB.  They are nothing but a problem.

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