Andrew Mark <> wrote on 12/11/2012 10:20:15 AM:

> Hi all,
> We use MS Outlook for its calendar and contact functions; our email is
> web-based.
> It there a way to disable BackupPC from checking and warning that
> Outlook is not backed up?
> ie. stop checking the value of $Conf{EmailNotifyOldOutlookDays} or make
> it infinite.

Is this a trick question?  Is there really a perceptible difference between 999999999 days (or about 2 *million* years) and infinite?  Was using a really big number just too imaginative for you?  :)

I haven't tried to see if that number will work correctly:  it's just a Perl variable, and according to , it's smaller than Perl's maximum long int, but maybe there's some other limit.

So, you could be more conservative:  99999 days is 273 years.  Even 9999 days is 27 years.  Do you *really* think we'll still be using Outlook in 27 *years*?  (God, I hop not...)

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