I am running backuppc 3.1.0-4 on a plug computer (ARM processor) with the Perl rsync fix for ARM processors.  On March 24, backuppc did an incremental backup that picked up two 350MB files which had been uploaded to my web server. On March,25, backuppc did a full backup and indicated that the files were 'same' - data transfer was its normally low levels.  Subsequent incremental backups show no activity for these two files.  

I moved the two files to another directory on my web server sometime on March 28.  The next incremental backuppc run early on March 29th showed a backup of the two files in the new location (flagged as 'pool') followed by a 'delete' of the files in the old location.  My backup bandwidth jumped by over 700MB.  

The incremental backup early on March 30th showed the same results: 'pool' for the files in the new location, 'delete' for the files in the old location, 700MB of backup bandwidth.  I ran a full backup later on March 30th.  This time, backuppc flagged the files as 'same' in the new directory and nothing reported for the deleted files.

Two questions:
* Why did the March 29th incremental backup not recognize that the files were already in the backup pool?
* Why did the March 30th incremental backup not recognize that the files had been backed up from the new location?

I recall seeing this problem before when I excluded a bunch of files from backup and then removed the exclusion - repeated full data transfer on incremental backups until a full backup had been done.
       Thanks, Norbert