Cassiano Surek <> wrote on 11/06/2012 05:03:44 AM:

> Of course, how could I have missed that! I did find it now, thanks Micha³.
> Last full backup (of 100 odd Gb) took slightly north of 10 days to
> complete. Incremental, just over 5 days.

I did not see if you mentioned how *many* files you had.  Are we talking 100,000 files or 10 Million files?  That will make a *big* difference in performance.

For some more numbers:  I have a file server with 700GB of data in 400,000 files that takes about 5 hours for an incremental, and about 13 hours for a full.  I have another server that is 3,000GB (3TB) big with 1.4 Million files and it takes about 50 hours for a full and about 20 hours for an incremental.  Both are *substantially* faster than yours.

Both servers use an Intel Atom D520 processor (read:  very low performance) with 4GB of RAM.  One has a 4-disk RAID5 array and one has a 6-disk RAID6 array of standard desktop SATA drives.

I'm not happy with the performance I get from these systems (though they are acceptable), but they are several orders of magnitude faster than yours.

I will echo some of the previous suggestions:

1) Do a test rsync between the two systems to see if you get sufficient performance that way
2) If you're using rsync over ssh, is CPU (for encryption) a problem?  (I use rsyncd, so no encryption)
3) If you're using compression, is CPU a problem?  (I had to turn off compression for the sake of performance)
4) Do you have a *zillion* little files?  Then RAM or disk seeks may be your problem.

Given the *terrible* numbers you're seeing, I would really emphasize making sure that there isn't something wrong with your hardware (such as network or disk).  Also, make sure you really look at top/vmstat/dstat numbers to see what you're system is doing.  This is not just a little bit of slowdown.  Something is fundamentally broken.

Hope that helps...

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