Thanks Marty and Dan. Doing a chown would appear to be sensible but who is the owner to be? From my very limited experience with Backuppc from the previous install I noticed it did not create a normal user on Ubuntu. The backuppc user name and password only worked through the Backuppc web interface. I think I will give it a try "as is" and see what happens. I have no data at risk anyway yet.

 chown it first. save a headache.

On Dec 29, 2007 10:20 AM, Marty <> wrote:
GerryMc wrote:
> After experimenting with Backuppc and liking what I saw, I added a new 500GB
> internal drive. Because of other hardware changes that I made I had to
> reinstall the OS (Ubuntu 7.10). So Backupppc is not currently installed but
> the new extra HD is fitted and mounted as /var/lib/backuppc. Having created
> the directory in advance of installing Backuppc it of course, belongs to
> root. Do I need to make any changes to the permissions before I install
> Backuppc or will Backuppc automatically pickup my /var/lib/backuppc?
> Thanks

It seems like an installer dependent question.  Why not chown it just to be safe?