If your backups are slow, it seems that 2GB of RAM might be insufficient for rsync to perform optimally.

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Hello all,

This is my first post to the list, so please be gentle. :)

I have been running a backuppc server for a while, but recently it has been running way too slow to be useful.

Mike is the guru here but I'll do my best to answer and I'm sure he'll correct me if I miss the mark. The first thing would be to make sure you're measuring the right metric :) See below:

Both are connected to the same switch at the data centre using gigabit interfaces.

This yields:

Backup size: 105.58 Gb (yep, it is quite big)
Speed: 0.29 Mb/s

I believe the above is horrifically slow, but would welcome your wise input.

I think you should me using the time it takes to complete the backup not the data rate. Rsync is only sending files that have changed (by time stamp for incrementals and checksums for full backups) so the data rate is a fairly useless metric after the first (or second?) full backup. Most of the time is probably spent making comparisons, not moving data.


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