BackupPC seems a great tool.

The only - main - drawback for me is the file name mangling on (mainly rsync) backups (backuppc adds an "f" to every folder of file backuped).

I've read the few information about that (that it wasn't activated on old versions, and why it has been), but i really think it's a bad design choice. "attrib" files could have been stored elsewhere for example, and so on.

The problem is that the rsynced folder is not directly usable once backuped, one can only restore from the (great) backuppc front-end, whereas there are several use cases where this is not possible or pertinent (server crash > remount external backup drive elsewhere and willing to immediately access backuped files, or just willing to share as read only the backup folder on the network).

So : how could i deactivate this file mangling thing ? (at first glance in the code, it seems to be hard coded !).

If it is not possible to deactivate this behavior, could it be either removed, either made configurable in a next version ?

Thanks in advance for any answer / clue about this.