Thanks for the prompt reply.

Machine A is an old Buffalo TeraStation. Ironically, it is running Linux & likely even has rsync, but as a practical matter, SMB is the only available access mechanism.

1) You can touch the files, or copy them in such a way that their times change

No shell access to A for "touch". No option I can find via the web interface to have the copies to A take the current time as their creation/mod time, though this would be great, if possible.

2) You can simply run full backups

Performance hit? I understand pooling will avoid creating multiple copies, but cost in backup time?

3) You can switch from SMB to rsync

Love to. I understand there are "hacked" firmware versions for the TeraStation which would allow this, but I'm very reluctant.

I guess I'm mostly surprised that the incremental backup does not realize that there are files in the source that do not exist in the destination & back them up based on that, regardless of modtime.

On Fri, Nov 2, 2012 at 8:53 AM, Michael Stowe <> wrote:

> I'm running backuppc 3.2.1 on Linux Mint 11, backing up a machine (A)
> which
> has SMB (as opposed to rsync/tar/...) as the only available backup
> mechanism.

This is probably something worth reconsidering.

> An initial full backup of A is fine, but a subsequent incremental backup
> does not backup files which were added to A since the full backup.
> It seems clear why, since the 'modtime's of these files are *prior* to the
> time of the full backup: they retained their original
> creation/modification
> times from the source machine (B) when they were copied to A after the
> full
> backup of A. (I do see that the directory structure that would contain
> these new files is created in the incremental backup set, since these
> directories on A are newer than the full backup.)
> backuppc documentation says: "For SMB and tar, BackupPC uses the
> modification time (mtime) to determine which files have changed since the
> last lower-level backup. That means SMB and tar incrementals are not able
> to detect deleted files, renamed files or *new files whose modification
> time is prior to the last lower-level backup*."
> The question: is there any way to have backuppc incrementally backup such
> files, perhaps based on the fact that they do not exist in the full backup
> set?
> Thanks for any assistance/advice!

1) You can touch the files, or copy them in such a way that their times
2) You can simply run full backups
3) You can switch from SMB to rsync

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