I'm running backuppc 3.2.1 on Linux Mint 11, backing up a machine (A) which has SMB (as opposed to rsync/tar/...) as the only available backup mechanism.

An initial full backup of A is fine, but a subsequent incremental backup does not backup files which were added to A since the full backup.

It seems clear why, since the 'modtime's of these files are prior to the time of the full backup: they retained their original creation/modification times from the source machine (B) when they were copied to A after the full backup of A. (I do see that the directory structure that would contain these new files is created in the incremental backup set, since these directories on A are newer than the full backup.)

backuppc documentation says: "For SMB and tar, BackupPC uses the modification time (mtime) to determine which files have changed since the last lower-level backup. That means SMB and tar incrementals are not able to detect deleted files, renamed files or new files whose modification time is prior to the last lower-level backup."

The question: is there any way to have backuppc incrementally backup such files, perhaps based on the fact that they do not exist in the full backup set?

Thanks for any assistance/advice!