"Mount the buffalo with smbfs or similar into a unix/linux machine and let touch run."

Yes, thanks. I could do that.

On Fri, Nov 2, 2012 at 11:11 AM, Arnold Krille <arnold@arnoldarts.de> wrote:

Jim Stark <jstarkjhealey@gmail.com> schrieb:
>Thanks for the prompt reply.
>Machine A is an old Buffalo TeraStation. Ironically, it is running
>Linux &
>likely even has rsync, but as a practical matter, SMB is the only
>access mechanism.
>1) You can touch the files, or copy them in such a way that their times
>No shell access to A for "touch". No option I can find via the web
>interface to have the copies to A take the current time as their
>creation/mod time, though this would be great, if possible.

Mount the buffalo with smbfs or similar into a unix/linux machine and let touch run.

>2) You can simply run full backups
>Performance hit? I understand pooling will avoid creating multiple
>but cost in backup time?

The performance hit is affecting win-workstations that only run at daytime and thus only are backuped during working hours. Your buffalo will likely run 24/7 and will be available in then out-of-office times when backuppc normally runs.

>I guess I'm mostly surprised that the incremental backup does not
>that there are files in the source that do not exist in the destination
>back them up based on that, regardless of modtime.

That is exactly the reason why backuppc runs a full-backup at regular intervals. In an ideal world the only time to run a full backup would be the first time.

Have fun,

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