We have been using backuppc with great success until recently.  

Our company has been mucking around with DHCP and DDNS configuration to support users migrating from a remote login to wireless to hardwired  ( I have not control or authority into this environment).  

The end result is that backuppc for very mobile users seems to be perpetually broken.   As their laptop moves around it gets multiple IPs associated with it and the forward-reverse lookups don't always work.    We have even had the case of a users laptop getting the IP that had previously belong to another system and the IP had not been flushed from DDNS cleanly - end result was laptop A backed up into the location form laptop B.    Has anyone else had to deal with this?   Any creative ideas for preventing this previous issue or for dealing with ever changing system names?    I believe that the right answer is to fix our DHCP/DNS/DDNS environment, but I dont' think that's going to happen.   I am about ready to bail on backuppc for our highly mobile users :(    Not sure what I expect from the list, just kind of grasping at straws at this point.