>> Naturally, I do lose ACLs and whatnot, but aside from a few tweaks,
>> the process at least works.  I've been considering adding a
>> supplemental ACL backup to the routine.
> That sounds like a useful idea, but really, what are the ACL's used
> for? Is that just additional end-user type of customisation where you
> might specify only user X can access folder X, and folder Y is world
> read but write by group Z etc... ? ie, is that just a security issue,
> or does it prevent the actual OS or applications from working?

In practice, the only issue I had were the "hidden" and "system"
attributes being missing from desktop.ini files.  Aside from being ugly,
this caused the OS to launch an editor for them on boot (which seems odd
to me.)

Would it help to update the client versions of rsync and cygwin?  I recall doing that when working on getting your solution to restore natively (via rsync - and just selected files, not bare metal).  It helped with fixing some ACL issues, so it may preserve some attributes better.