You may want to refer to for appropriate vshadow versions for Windows 7/2008.  (or see the comments on Michael's original implementation page).

Also, in-place restores will require a bit of work - but most of the time you'll probably be restoring specific files, so manually moving them into place isn't a huge deal.

WOL is a nice feature, but make sure that your switches support it.  (Mine don't).

Kris Lou

On Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 2:52 PM, upen <> wrote:
On Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 4:38 PM, Michael Stowe
<> wrote:
>> On Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 3:26 PM, Michael Stowe
>> <> wrote:
>>>> Can someone tell what the drawbacks of using cygwin/ssh/rsync on the
>>>> windows BackupPc clients ? I just tried it yesterday on windows xp and
>>>> it worked well. I believe this method of backup should also work on
>>>> 2008r2 servers?
>>> Drawbacks versus ... what?
>>> Windows in general has issues with file semantics, and its system of
>>> overcoming those is essentially to use VSS, the Volume Snapshot Service.
>>> For BackupPC, there have been two solutions developed, one that requires
>>> ssh, and one that instead uses winexe, which leverages samba.  The ssh
>>> solution encrypts in transit, but (naturally) requires the installation
>>> of
>>> ssh and the appropriate version of vshadow.  The winexe version has an
>>> installer which takes care of the client details, but requires
>>> winexe/samba installed on the BackupPC server.
>>> There are some minor functional differences in the implementations; the
>>> ssh version backs up ACL's (in one of two ways) and the winexe version
>>> handles backing up machines that are powered down.  However, the
>>> features
>>> aren't incompatible, and since both are scripted, can be added to either
>>> one.
>> Sorry about the confusing question. I was actually asking in general
>> versus all other methods available to backup windows using BackupPC.
>> Thanks for the information. It's certainly useful. I used method
>> mentioned at
>> for my windows xp client. It didn't mention anything about volume
>> snapshot service or vshadow. I am not sure if I am using vshadow but I
>> do find a service in my windows xp named "Volume Shadow Copy " that is
>> set to manual. So I guess vshadow is not being used on when backup is
>> taken. Do I have to start vshadow and set to to automatic for future?
> What's there is neither of the open-file solutions I describe, so you'll
> either need to switch, or simply be unable to back up open files (this may
> not be a problem, depending on your backup strategy.)
> vshadow, the windows service, doesn't actually do anything unless it's
> specifically invoked, so setting it to automatic won't do anything, nor
> will starting the service by itself.  The tricky thing about transient
> shadow volume copies is that they need to be invoked *before* rsync, thus
> the complexity.  The windows-edition-specific program "vshadow" allows
> management from the command line.

Great. Thanks guys for all the information.

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