Thanks for the reply.

At this time, it looks like faulty reporting on the NAS (big surprise).  I ran a bunch of "du -sh" on TopDir/pc and TopDir/cpool and then the TopDir itself with the same results, so it looks like pooling/compression is doing it's thing.

Just that my NAS apparently isn't hardlinks-aware.  Time to do more digging on that end.


Kris Lou

On Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 8:27 AM, Bowie Bailey <> wrote:
On 8/16/2013 8:28 PM, Kris Lou wrote:
> I recently started paying attention to the size of my pool - and I'm
> wondering about a few discrepancies:
> From the "Host Summary" page -
>   * 38 full backups of total size 1044.30GB (prior to pooling and
>     compression),
>   * 70 incr backups of total size 379.71GB (prior to pooling and
>     compression).

This is telling you how much information was actually backed up.

> From the main "Status" page -
>   * Pool is 636.95GB comprising 991000 files and 4369 directories (as
>     of 8/16 01:06),

This is telling you how much room BackupPC is using to store it after
compression and pooling.

> And the ugly part is that I have my TopDir mounted via NFS.  But when
> I look at the size of the NFS share directly on my NAS, it reads as
> 1.5+TB!!
> I have Compression enabled (3), and ran BackupPC_Nightly recently
> (after cleaning out some old hosts this week).
> Can somebody help me understand this?

Is there anything else on that NFS share other than the BackupPC pool?


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