I just released BackupPC 3.3.0 on SF.net.  It is mostly minor bug fixes, with three additional languages and a couple of small features.

Sorry about the long delay, but I've been pretty busy the last few years...

Thanks to everyone who submitted patches or improvements, and also for the on-going excellent support on the email lists.

I'm attaching the ChangeLog.


# Version 3.3.0, 14 Apr 2013

* Changed restore file name from restore.{zip|tar} to restore_$host_YYYY-MM-DD.{zip|tar},
  where the date is the start date of the backup.  Originally suggested by Brad Alexander,
  with a healthy debate among Les, Holger, Jeffrey, Adam, Carl and others.

* Changed the timeStamp2 function in lib/BackupPC/CGI/Lib.pm so that times more than 330
  days ago also include the year.  More recent times continue to use just the day of month
  and month.

* Made the directory path display (when browsing backups or history) a sequence of links,
  allowing any parent directory to be quickly selected.

* Added Japanese language file lib/BackupPC/Lang/ja.pm submitted by Rikiya

* Added Ukrainian language file lib/BackupPC/Lang/uk.pm submitted by Serhiy Yakimchuck.

* Added Russian language file lib/BackupPC/Lang/ru.pm submitted by Sergei Butakov.

* Patch from Alexander Moisseev that fixed file name encodings in zip files.
  The default charset is now utf8.  Added a menu option to override the codepage.

* Removed -N option from smbclient command in conf/config.pl to remain compatible
  with more recent versions (3.2.3 and later) of smbclient.  Reported and discussed
  by various people on the mail list, most recently by Jeff Boyce, Les Mikesell and
  Holger Parplies.  Alexander Moisseev also submitted a patch.

  Using smbclient >= 3.2.3 with the -N option will give a "tree connect failed:

* Reapplied a patch from Tyler Wagner for lib/BackupPC/CGI/HostInfo.pl so that
  empty email status info doesn't appear.  Somehow this missed 3.2.1.

* Fixed check on $parfile in bin/BackupPC_archiveHost since it is numeric.
  Fix submitted by Tim Massey.

* Ensure $num is numeric in lib/BackupPC/CGI/View.pm error message
  to avoid XSS attack.  Report and patch by Jamie Strandboge.

* Ensure $num and $share in lib/BackupPC/CGI/RestoreFile.pm error messages
  are escaped, to avoid XSS vulnerability.  Report and patch by Jamie Strandboge.
  Also added some additional error checking and tweaked the handling of the
  invalid number error message.

* Fixed qw(...) deprecated syntax warnings in lib/BackupPC/Storage/Text.pm
  and lib/BackupPC/Lib.pm.  Patch supplied by Juergen Harms.  Also got a
  patch from Alexander Moisseev and report from Richard Shaw.

* Fixed error in bin/BackupPC_sendEmail that caused accumulation of
  per-host errors in the admin email to be skipped if a host's user
  is not defined.  Reported by Marco Dalla Via.

* Fixed lib/BackupPC/CGI/RSS.pm so that the base_url is correct for https.
  Report and fix by Samuel Monsarrat.

* Added more careful checking that IO::Dirent returns valid inodes and file types.
  Suggested by Daniel Harvey.

* Removed redundant setting of $Lang{CfgEdit_Title_Other} from all the Lang files.

* Applied couple of fixes to Lib.pm suggested by Jeffrey Kosowsky for special case of where
  configuration commands are fragments of perl code.