Not an expert so I may get some of the finer details off.

How and why did this happen?

The SMB incremental backup uses the file modification date-time as the key to determine what should be backed up.  Taking the date-time of the previous backup this incremental is to be based off of, minus a little slop, the volume is walked looking for any file that has a modification after this.  The problem files that were copied to this server would have their original modification date-time and thus were not considered to need backup.

Mark Potter

On Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 6:39 PM, Chris Baker <> wrote:


I copied about 35 GB of files from one server to another. They were all in one folder with many subfolders. Then the incremental backup ran on that server.


The incremental backup did not backup any of the files. It only backed up the folders and the folder within the folders. It was just a bunch of folders, but no files at all. Directory structure was in tact.


How and why did this happen?


I checked permissions. All the permissions were just fine.


I am running a full backup now, hoping that it will catch these files. I will see what happens.


This is quite troubling though. An incremental backup should back up new files, not just changed files.


The server is Windows 2008 64bit. I am using smb as my backup method.


Chris Baker

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