Hi Flavio,

I realy think backuppc isn't the best choice, see http://backuppc.sourceforge.net/faq/limitations.html. I've used fsarchiver to this pourpose and, if it's needed, you can use backuppc in order to back up files which are modified frequently, as configuration files.

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Rangel Caio

2010/9/28 Boniforti Flavio <flavio@piramide.ch>
Hello people.

I need to back up my Debian server, which mainly acts as a gateway (iptables) and proxy (squid). I’d like to back it up in a way that should enable me to recover the whole system onto a new harddisk drive, if the actual one would fail.
Is backupPC right for this purpose, or would it be better to take some sort of “snapshots” with some other software/tool?

Many thanks in advance.

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