My experience is on windows server 2008, but I think it may apply.


Every evening at 22h00, we run vshadow to create a new snapshot and mount it on a subdirectory of a shared folder.


Then we use icacls (I guess you might have only cacls) to dump all acls pertaining to the snapshot and save that info in a file at the root of the shared folder.


Last, backuppc runs in smb mode later in the night and backups the shared folder.


We scripted this and put it in a scheduled task so it runs every night. You can download vshadow from Microsoft.




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I think you might have a more reliable solution by using the volume shadow copy with copy on write.  This way you can get the full file without the file lock issue yet not have an overly complex solution.

2008/9/28 Grzegorz Marszałek <>


I'm new to backuppc  - and I've got bunch of windows workstations to
backup :) The problem is called "open files". I've digged mailing
lists and found few solution (like patch for 2.6 rsync enabling vss
backup, or dosdrive.exe program with buch of scripts to mount vss
volume as a drive letter), but they are either unsupported (like patch
for rsync), or fragile (like dosdrive+scripts). Another idea is to
start backup at windows shutdown. All problematic programs (like
outlook) should be disabled by now, and few services that still could
make problems I can disable before starting backup. Starting backup
from pc is also not a big problem - ssh + keys with limited command to
run will do the trick.

Does that sounds like good idea to you? Maybe somebody tried someting
like this and could share some experiences? Frankly I couldn't find
anything about "backup on shutdown" approach on mailing list and in

Grzegorz Marszałek
graf0 at

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