Thanks everyone for the fast responses. That makes sense, I'm backing up the localhost, so I must have a bunch of files that have the same content.

One more question, after the full backup, I immediately start an incremental backup and still see existing files reported, even though I haven't changed anything. Does this have to do with merging? I'm not sure why I'd see existing files if nothing has changed since the full backup. Thanks.

On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 4:46 PM, Les Mikesell <> wrote:
Tim Stowell wrote:
> Hi,
> BackupPC seems to be working great, however even on a fresh initial full
> backup, it reports there are existing files. How can that be if it's the
> first backup? Thanks for the info.

That means you had duplicate files - and the second copy was an existing
file when it was processed.  Backuppc will find all matching files and
save space by linking to a single common copy.

  Les Mikesell