On 5 Nov 2012, at 20:15, Richard Shaw wrote:

Both are connected to the same switch at the data centre using gigabit interfaces.

This yields:

Backup size: 105.58 Gb (yep, it is quite big)
Speed: 0.29 Mb/s

I believe the above is horrifically slow, but would welcome your wise input.

I think you should me using the time it takes to complete the backup not the data rate. Rsync is only sending files that have changed (by time stamp for incrementals and checksums for full backups) so the data rate is a fairly useless metric after the first (or second?) full backup. Most of the time is probably spent making comparisons, not moving data.

That indeed makes sense.  On the Host Summary screen I cannot find that info (how long the backup took, e.g. (end-start) date/time. Is there a place where these get saved or should I just use my own stop watch? :)