I believe that's the case.  I've removed clients that way without problems but just make sure you wipe the correct ones!
You should make sure they are no longer in the config/hosts file, too, of course.
If there are links via the cpool/pool, I think trash_clean will get them when it next runs.
If you didn't already know, on a Unix fs, you can use tunefs (tune2fs on linux) to gain some space if you are really stuck.
- Wade
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I have run into a jam here.  My fs that I am writing the backups to is full.  I have exceed the DfMaxUsagePct that I set and can not go any higher on that.  I have a couple of client's backups that I could remove. 

Can I simply go into the data/pc and rm the clients no longer needed to free up space? 
I went thru some of the docs and I didn't find anything that pointed me towards client removal.