I’m having a problem with the BackupPC web interface host summary page which with a full list of hosts configured (24 hosts) never loads when I click on the link. Reducing the list of hosts in /etc/Backuppc/hosts to a single host, the page loads after a long delay (about 30 seconds). The odd thing is that I have another server in another location which works fine and all hosts are reachable from both servers.


The backups seem to be running OK although they do seem rather slow in some cases.


The OS is Debian 5 with all updates applied and the BackupPC version is 3.1.0 on both servers.

The storage space is on a SAN mounted via NFS with the uid & gid matched on the SAN & BackupPC server (this is the same for both servers).


Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing this problem?


Thanks and regards