2014-02-20 13:00, Adam Hardy skrev:
Every time I reboot my Ubuntu server, I have to restart the backuppc manually.

I figured this must be an Ubuntu packaging problem, something to do with the sysvinit config, but I've checked those out and from my limited knowledge of sysvinit, backuppc appears to have good settings in the appropriate run-levels:

0 - -
1 - K20
2 - S20
3 - S20
4 - S20
5 - S20
6 - -

S20 seems a bit early though. Apache for instance has S91.

However it could also be an error in the start-up script rather than it not executing at all - for instance I have the backups on a removable USB harddrive,
I had similar problems earlier when I was storing backups on an external NAS. As the boot process was trying to start BackpPC before the NAS was mounted, it failed. I dont have that setup anymore so I can't help you with a solution but perhaps its a starting point to investigate.