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On Fri, 31 Jan 2014 14:09:47 +0100 Nicolas Cauchie
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Hello all,

I'm tring to restore data to a Windows client. This computer is in an 
Active Directory environment.

To backup Windows clients who are in this domain, I created a user
with complex password and select "don't ask to change password", and
I always use this user to backup data with backuppc.

Everything's working fine during backup, as I set DOMAIN\user and 
password for this user in the CONFIG/XFER tab. My host is set with 
DOMAIN\user in the "EDIT HOSTS\Hosts" tab.

When I select files to restore, I have 3 choices to restore. I choose 
the first option : direct restore to the host.

I set a new folder named "restore" to "restore the files below dir" 
which doesn't exist on the host, and the restore failed. Same thing
if I create this folder on the host before start the restore process.

The user I use to backup Windows clients has write permissions on the 
Windows share.
Does that user also have write permission on the disk? With win its two
places where permissions are checked, at network level when accessing
the share (for all the share) and then at file/directory level for each
(sub-)directory and file involved. Its probably easier to restore this
by downloading a zip-file and have the user unpack that himself.

- Arnold

Hello Arnold,

You were right, it was rights problems in share parameters.

I'm OK with you, it's easier to make an archive, but I've a lot of files to restore, some are large (4Go) and when I try to open the archive, it's telling me "Cannot be opened as an archive" with 7zip, compression 0...

Thanks a lot

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