I have installed rsync with the cygwin-rsyncd- file and modified the rsyncd.secrets and rsyncd.conf files.
The TCP port 873 is open.
When I try to connect to the PC under windows 7, I get :

# rsync -rlt --delete xuo@ Trimestriel
@ERROR: chdir failed
rsync error: error starting client-server protocol (code 5) at main.c(1516) [Receiver=3.0.9]

Any idea to solve this problem ? I still do not have run the service as the user to be "rsynced" (Pauline) as I don't know its password (I am waiting for it to see if this solves the problem).

The rsyncd.conf file is the following.

use chroot = false
max connections = 2

log file = c:/rsyncd/rsyncd.log
#pid file = c:/rsyncd/rsyncd.pid
lock file = c:/rsyncd/rsyncd.lock
    path = c:/Users/pauline
    comment = Compte de Pauline
    strict modes = false
    auth users = xuo backuppc
    secrets file = c:/rsyncd/rsyncd.secrets
    hosts allow =
    read only = false
    list = false

Everything was working fine with some previous version of rsync but I wanted to use this one as I think it is a newer one.



Le 15/07/2013 00:02, Craig Barratt a écrit :
Thanks to Ray Frush, I have released a new version of cygwin-rsyncd, the cygwin-based rsync for WinXX-based client machines.  As users have noted, the prior version is many years old.

The released files can be found on SF.net at:


Download and run cygwin-rsyncd- to install rsyncd on your WinXX client for doing BackupPC backups.  The NSIS installer (see nsis.sourceforge.net) is used to wrap everything into a single .exe.  This is based on the cwRsync installer, adapted by Ray.

Download cygwin-rsyncd- if you want to customize and build your own cygwin-rsyncd installer executable (eg: presetting some configuration parameters specific to your site).  You will need to download and run NSIS to build the installer executable.

This distribution includes rsync 3.0.9, a handful of cygwin 1.7.13 libraries and blat (a utility for sending a notification email upon install, using a batch script notify.bat, which is commented out by default).  It was built using NSIS 3.0a0.

cygwin-rsyncd- will work with both BackupPC 3.x and 4.x.  For the new BackupPC 4.x, rsync 3.0.x is strongly recommended on the client side (versus rsync 2.x), since some optimizations like matching full-file md5 digests only work with rsync 3.0.x.  Also, rsync 3.0.x (and BackupPC4 rsync_bpc on the server side) both support rsync's incremental file list, which avoids the need to store the entire file list in memory (which was a drawback of rsync 2.x for big transfers).


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