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Thank you for helping me.

You are correct I killed it very quickly. Because in the previous version, the dump command would show the actual shares I wanted on the command line { and not / } and I would not get any messages like
Remote[2]: file has vanished: "/proc/2/exe"
which indicates it is *really* looking at / and not only at the mounts I want.

You said:

During this time, the target "lamp" is looking at every file on the disk, once finished, it will send the list across.

Really it looks at the whole disk when I don't want to backup the whole disk?
Is it going to send the whole list across?
Has this changed in this version then?  Because I can run dump on my old version and it does not do that.

If that is not what you want, then you should change the configuration. If you only wish to backup /home/foo and /home/bar you have two options:
1) Setup the shares as /home/foo and /home/bar instead of /
2) Setup the share as /home and use the include or exclude option as needed.

If you only need those two directories, then I would just use two shares to back them up. This also means you would probably not need the one-file-system option as you are unlikely to mount other FS under these directories, but I would use it anyway just in case.
FWIW boxes on same lan, no firewall, lamp just has one disk with everything in /
OK, so the main thing that was not clear is that you cancelled immediately because it didn't do what you wanted, I assumed it had "hung". See above for the solution.


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