Hi Adam,
  Thanks for the input!  Setting the per-pc config info kicked backuppc into generating a per-pc config file in /etc/backuppc like you predicted.  However, in changing the top directory I thought it would look in /new_top_dir/pc/ for my host config files?  Apologies for the spam as it looks like this is a RTFM moment.  I was looking for the confDir option...however I'm still a bit confused as in my old config (maybe an older version of backuppc?) used /etc/backuppc for the server config files, and a different top dir for the host configs.  Either way, thanks for the help  in navigating the CGI interface, I'm not too hot with guis.

On 12/12/2012 5:26 PM, Adam Goryachev wrote:
On 13/12/12 12:21, Bruce Thayre wrote:
Sorry for the spam but I found a bit more info.  The ClientNameAlias I set via the cgi interface found it's way into my /etc/Backuppc/config.pl.  Looks like it set it for my server, and not my actual host.  Backuppc user/group owns the directory my top directory partition is mounted on, so I'm still confused.  Thanks for any help/ideas!

If your global config is in /etc/Backuppc/config.pl then your host config should be in either:
/etc/Backuppc/hostname.pl or

Also, ensure from the web interface you select the hostname, and then "Edit Config" in the top section of the menu (above the host selection) when configuring a host. The web config will likely assist you in finding the correct location to set your host specific config file.

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