I have been using Backuppc for a few years now. Recently I upgraded my machine to newer, faster hardware. Hence, I have experience exchanging ssh keys, etc.

It seems I have one client that refuses to connect via ssh. When I exchanged keys and ran "ssh -l root [clientip] whoami" the client properly returns 'root'. When I "sudo -u backuppc /usr/share/backuppc/BackupPC_dump -v -f [clienthostname]" I get 'dump failed: Unable to read 4 bytes'.

I have checked versions of rsync, ssh and openssh-server on both the backuppc machine and the client. They are the same on both (both running Ubuntu 12.04LTS.)

I have tailed the clients auth.log file it shows "sshd[10109]: Connection closed by [backuppc-ip] [preauth]" so, the backuppc machine is closing the connection. (I might be tailing the wrong file, I am not sure.)

Why won't this client connect?
Robert Wooden
Nashville, TN. USA

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