I am using a product called hamachi that builds a sort of VPN.  There is a version for windows and for linux.  the free version allows something like 10 users per private network.  they all get an IP address on this network and you can run backuppc over this link.  the IP address functions as static so you can hardcode it in the client config.  also, hamachi uses some sort of shortest link routing so it will perform at full speed on the local network but still be available over wifi in a hotel or at the users home on dsl or something.  works very well for me.  this is an almost zero-hassle solution that I have tested extensively.

On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 4:53 PM, Tino Schwarze <backuppc.lists@tisc.de> wrote:
On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 12:11:19AM +0200, kurt.jasper@googlemail.com wrote:

> since I'm new to this list a short hello to everyone. I'm working for a
> small ngo and became something like the backup guy, mainly because I know
> more than my co-workers :-/
> We have an ubuntu server, mainly for filesharing via samba and backups using
> backuppc. Our local pcs are backed up with backup pc, but now a coworker
> asked if I can also add his mobile laptop to the backup routine.
> The laptop user is accessing the ubuntu server via ssh-tunneling (Port 139
> for Samba) on windows xp sp2 and Cygwin
> Question:
> How can I backup a laptop to the backuppc-server via SSH? The Laptop has a
> dynamic IP and behind a firewall (roadwarrior).

I suppose, you need some kind of dynamic DNS setup so when the
SSH-tunnel is established, the dynamic IP get's registered in DNS and
BackupPC (and ssh) can resolv a fixed host name.

You might also consider setting up an OpenVPN - it should ease things a
lot (but I don't know about roadwarrior).

I'm not using such a setup though - we're only backing up servers. Data
stored on clients is considered lost.



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