I actually have a different setup for servers so that they initiate their own full backups via ssh and BackupPC_Servermesg but my laptops all get the standard treatment of backups every week or when they are hooked up.  this date cannot be scheduled to line up on the 31st of the month as backuppc has no machanism to do schedules by calender day so i would like to just flag an incremental as a full so it does not get deleted during the nightly when the incremental count is exceeded.  im not concerned with block level analysis on these files as they all have their timestamp changed each time they are written to so it is unnecessary.

basically, i do incrementals throughout the month and want the one from the 31st to be permanent.

On Jan 29, 2008 1:52 AM, Nils Breunese (Lemonbit) <nils@lemonbit.nl> wrote:
dandenson@gmail.com wrote:

> Correction, what I meant to ask was if you could convert an
> incremental to a full

An rsync full backup does a block-level check on every file, an rsync
incremental doesn't. Do you want to go back in time and do the block-
level check anyway when you press this 'convert' button? I don't see
how this would be possible.


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